Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Hawkins Effect

In the 70's, a man came up from Dallas and taught the Old Testament Walk Through the Bible Lessons to the elders during Family Bible School time before church.  Ellis told Bert he could teach the OT Walk to the adults.  Bert was scared to death to try it so Ellis shared the teaching with him and once he learned it, Bert fell in love with it so much that he ended up teaching home Bible Studies using the material.  He taught all over the Abilene, Salina, and Clay Center area.  He had as many as 5 classes a week while he was still police chief in Minneapolis.

City law man by day and God law man by night! 

After his wife died he married Yvonne and she became his driver to all these classes.  After working all day as County Clerk and Police Chief, they would start their "night jobs."  Bert had so many requests for classes that he asked Ellis to take a class in Abilene for him and that class led to starting a Community Bible Church using the same Bible principals as the Minneapolis church.  It is still going strong and growing today.

Bert Hawkins allowed a lady preacher to start preaching after her husband suddenly died.  Bert knew that God said that men should be preachers.  Ellis said that Bert must not be as hard headed as he was because he wouldn't have allowed that, but our friends visiting recently from Community Bible Church in Abilene exclaimed, "Oh yes he was hard headed when it came to the way of salvation.  He straightened me out on that right off!"

Margarete Wallace, Bert's hard headed older sister, was the treasurer and we seldom had the money for bills so Margarete would lay the bills out on the table and say, "Lord here are the bills, we don't have money to pay them."  It wouldn't be too long before the money came in, but many times it might be the last minute before bills were due.

The people always gave, and God always provided.  Mark 12:17, "And Jesus said unto them, Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's.  And they marveled greatly at Him."