Thursday, May 25, 2017

Buildings & Blessings

In 1961 the CBC auditorium was finished.  Our pastor, Joe Wolfe, moved to Nebraska to start a church.  We invited Dale Kurtz, You for Christ director in Salina Kanas, to be our pastor.  He filled that position for three years.   By 1963 we were busting at the seams, the Lord blessed us with many new families!
  It was decided that year to add onto the church and build a fellowship hall and some desperately needed Sunday School rooms..

Even though there was enough money for this new building project, the men of the church decided they would do much of the work.  Once again Dwight Abram was our only trained carpenter on the crew but Fred Hawkins, the sheriff at that time and a faithful member of our CBC, did work out a schedule so the men from the jail could come and help with the construction and learn some valuable skills.  They were a real addition to the work crew, especially when the church men were pouring the new concrete slab.

We went through a series of pastors over the next 20 years, all the while growing bigger and bigger.  We even built a two story addition for MORE Sunday School rooms during that time!

Our pastors:
1957-61 Joe Wolfe
1961-63 Dale Kurtz
1963-65 Dallas Minnick
1966-74 Ed Bateman
1975-82 Dave Bohyer
1982-85 Dave Boyher & his brother-in-law Tim Yazel
1985-89 Dave Boyher & assistant pastor Rob Matlack
1989-99 Rob Matlack
2004-05 Bob Manning
2004-Present Doug Neumann

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